October 2016

Dear Friends,
I am well into my painting residency here in Italy in the magical garden of Ninfa, one hour southeast of Rome. This garden is known as “the most romantic garden in the world” per Charles Quest-Ritson who wrote a great book on the garden and the history of the powerful Caetani family who have owned it for centuries. The family created this sublime garden in early 20th century amongst 11th century medieval ruins.

Today the garden is run by the Caetani Foundation, who invited me to paint and exhibit. I will be here for a total of two and a half months and then exhibit the paintings next summer 2017 in the Castello Caetani in Sermoneta. During this residency, I am staying in the medieval city of Sermoneta, another delight.

But the garden, oh the garden! The fall colors are subtly changing more and more each day. Rarely have I seen a more exceptional place. I was trying to understand why the work is coming slowly and only with contemplation. The deep spirituality of the place is permeating and real. I spend about 5 hours per day there painting, or just walking to fill my own soul with the spirit of the place. There is an undeniable melancholia within the shadows of all of those who have lived here. I especially sense the ghosts of the great artists that Ada and later Lelia Caetani welcomed and who created works of art at Ninfa. I am honored to be a part of this grand tradition.

For more information about Ninfa, please see the wiki article as well as some information about Sermoneta.

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I am excited to share this wonderful garden and the work with my friends. To see more paintings, please visit my website: www.gianne.org.