November 2016

Dear Friends,

My residency in the Garden of Ninfa is finishing in a few days. I have painted consistently for two and a half months in the garden with a studio on site. The planned exhibition will be for the month of July, 2017 at the Castel Caetani in the village of Sermoneta where I have been staying during this residency. The show will be in the castle during the Festival Pontino di Musica, a yearly music festival.  I also was recently invited to participate in a group show here in Sermoneta with other Italian contemporary artists.

This residency has been a deeply inspiring experience, where I feel that the paintings have grown to yet another expression. The last painting (the first in this monthly newsletter) is almost an abstraction of the landscape. Each of the 18 pieces is diverse, and they have captured not only the atmosphere of the garden and its lush climate, but some have the sensation of the 1000 years of lives that have passed through this oasis.

My task has been to somehow capture a presence that is calm and silent today in spite of all the “anima.” As ever, nature is the non verbal witness of the passage of time, flagrant to those who observe it, as it is obtrusively invisible to those who don’t.

To see all of my paintings from this residency, please visit

I am traveling to California soon and will be participating in a very exciting program in January sponsored by the Laguna Beach County Water District. It’s a series of conferences, classes and art exhibitions called The Art of Conservation. I will be leading an intimate painter workshop at the Hortense Miller Garden, giving a talk on sustainability and having an exhibition. For more information on The Art of Conservationplease visit this website. To sign up for my class, please send me an email at