October 2015

Dear Friends,

Today is my last day at the stunning La Mortella Garden in Ischia, Italy.

The 12 completed painting show a new direction, especially on the subject of the ever present water in the garden. Other painting images from this residency are on my website.

A special thank you to all of the friends and collectors who came to visit this piece of Mediterranean paradise. I plan to return here in Winter 2017 to paint another season!

Also here announcing 2 workshops I’m giving in the US in the springtime:

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico in May and for the Annenberg Foundation in the California desert in March

I’ll be in Cornwall, England in St Ives in November, preparing for the solo exhibition in Laguna Beach, California next May of paintings done in all Laguna’s Sister Cities:

Menton, France
St. Ives Uk
San José del Cabo, Mexico

and of course paintings from Laguna.