June 2017

June has been a wonderful month!

I was invited to paint here on the island of Tresco for three weeks in the world renowned Tresco Abbey Gardens. I arrived under wind and storm, and the weather evolved to clear clement skies as the weeks unfolded. I worked every day and this intensity turned out seven paintings. When the Director, Mike Nelhams looked at them he said, “I see the paintings and I see the garden.” One of the gardeners was talking about how a well structured garden is similar to a well composed painting. The more I think on this idea, the more it rings true. Tresco is dense, opulent, and rare because of its unique spot in the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf Stream giving a sub tropical environment, and my time here reflects that description!

All seven of the paintings will remain in Tresco.

Last month while I was painting at La Mortella on the island of Ischia, I was filmed on Italian television on the longest running tv program in history: Sereno Variabile (http://www.raiplay.it/video/2017/06/Sereno-Variabile-Estate-8da01479-f665-435e-9d3b-f35ddaad7f33.html). This show reaches about 10 million people. La Mortella Garden is featured starting at 10:56 and my interview (in Italian) is at 14:11 in the link above.

Below is the invitation announcement of the exhibition of paintings done last fall in the Ninfa garden. The solo show will be up for the month of July at the fortress Castello Caetani in the medieval village of Sermoneta where I stayed for three months working in 2016.

To see the exhibition paintings from Ninfa, please visit my website at Gianne.org (https://www.gianne.org).

Wishing you all a restful and peaceful summer,